Thread Character Concept  l   Tangled Thread

These paintings are for my short animated story ‘Thread’. The story was inspired by the simple truth that it is difficult to untangle thread. Tangled threads represent human's greed. The six main characters are dressed like those living in medieval France. Their characteristics are completely different from each other. I would like to express their features in their clothes and hair to include meaning so that audiences could recognize easily which character has a good personality. Because she is innocent, the little girl has a soft and clean hairstyle.  Characters who are greedy have dirty and tangled hair. They are trying to unloosen their hair, but it will be difficult. The man character holding a book is a judge. He is righteous and strict. In this story, the main girl will help untie the tangled threads of people.

 If someone is greedy in life, we can clearly see greed in their appearance. 

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